How to Prepare Your Child for a Field Trip

How to Prepare Your Child for a Field Trip

A field trip is the best way for children to learn something out of the classroom. On a field trip, they do not just memorise concepts but actually see how those concepts work in real life. It’s an adventure filled process of making your child learn new skills in a fun and exciting manner.

However, when your kid is really small and he/she is going on a field trip for the very first time, it can be a little daunting for him/her. During such times, it is the responsibility of parents to make their kid feel at ease with the idea of a field trip.

Here are some easy tips which would help parents prepare their child for such trips!

1. Show them pictures of the place and answer their queries

Children might feel a little intimidated with the thought of going on a school trip for the very first time. In such cases, what a parent can do is to show them pictures and videos of the place that they are going to. That would make them more comfortable with the idea of going to that location and they would even start looking forward to it. Also, they might have a lot of questions to ask about that place and about field trips in general. Answer them honestly and in the best possible way that you can. The more they get to know about that place, the more they would be at ease with the idea of being there for sometime.

2. Teach them the rules and how to behave during the trip

While it is necessary to make them feel comfortable about going on a school trip, it is also imperative to remind them about the rules that they would have to follow throughout that trip. They must understand the significance of good behaviour and must also learn to respect everyone around them. As parents, it is your responsibility to teach your kids about the do’s and don’ts of going on a trip. Tell them that they would be allowed to have fun there, but they should never go so far as to cross the line. Make sure that they know all the rules by heart and their importance as well, before going out for this new experience.

3. Be prepared with all the essentials the night before

It is extremely necessary to have all the essentials that your child will need a day before the trip. Go for shopping if required so that the night before the trip, you do not have to panic for anything. Pack everything carefully so that your child can easily find the items that he/she needs. Make sure that he/she knows exactly where the money, medicines and the other important stuff are in the bag. Ask him/her to choose the clothes that he/she intends to wear the next day. If possible, include your kid in this process of packing so that he/she learns how to pack a bag for field trips. Also, remember that the night before, the child should be well-rested so that he/she has all the energy and enthusiasm to get on with the trip the next day.

4. Pack the right set of clothes

Choose clothes for the school field trip depending on what season it is and how the weather is likely to be in that place. If it’s summer, choose lighter and more breathable fabrics for your child and if it’s winter, put some sweaters or sweatshirts in there. Also, if it’s the rainy season, don’t forget to pack an umbrella and a raincoat for your kid. However, make sure to not pack a lot of things, as that would make the bag really heavy and difficult to carry for him/her.

5.  Take the necessary precautions and give them your contact number and some cash

Since your little one would be going away from you for quite sometime, ensure that you caution him/her against all the things he/she is allergic to maintain his/her safety. Make sure to tell your child when to take the medicines and you can also talk to the teacher beforehand about anything specific regarding your child if need be. You can also ask the teacher about the right amount of money that you should give your kid as it should never be too less or too much. Also, don’t forget to pack him/her some mosquito repellent cream as you don’t want your kid to catch malaria or dengue. Give your contact details to your child as well as to the teacher so that they know where to reach you, if necessary.


A school field trip is always an interesting experience for children. They get to learn new skills, have some adventure and fun with their buddies and also find new interests and become more confident as a whole. As parents, you should do your part and prepare your child in the right way for such trips. We hope that you will find the aforementioned tips useful and the next time, you are about to prepare your kid for a school trip, it would be smooth sailing all the way.

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